Information about the training that is available for forestry workers is available on the Competenz website.


Your workers are trained. And as time goes by it’s good to re-assure yourself that they still know how to do the job properly.

Safetree’s free, industry-approved competency assessment tools can help you do this. These tools are a great way to keep your workers’ skills up-to-date – handy if they got trained a while ago. Tools are available for Head Breaker Out, Tree Felling and Breaker Out.

Answers to the questions asked in the assessments can be found in the ACoP and in relevant best practice guides.

Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification

Your workers are trained and competent – so why not take the next step and have them go for Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification. Certification is a great way to get official recognition from the industry that your workers’ skills are still up-to-date.

When they are ready for assessment contact a registered assessor.

View a list of registered assessors [41KB PDF]

It confirms they’ve been independently assessed on the job as able to work safely and professionally. That means they’re doing what a WorkSafe inspector would expect to see, and know to protect themselves and their mates.

Tree Fallers, Head Breaker Outs and Breaker Outs can all get the certificates, and there are free, easy-to-use tools on Safetree to help them prepare.

How do I get started?

    1. Download the training tools for Head Breaker Out; Tree Felling; Breaker out. Answers to the assessment questions can be found in the ACoP and best practice guides.
    2. Use the tools to check your workers can answer the theory questions and meet the standards in the practical demonstrations.
    3. When your worker is ready contact a registered assessor to arrange an assessment.
    4. Give the completed training tool to the assessor at the start of the assessment.

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