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Safetree is an injury prevention programme for the forestry sector – from forestry owners and bosses, right down to individual crew members.

A good crew is a safe crew who watches out for each other, and Safetree will provide you with resources and videos so you can do that safely.

Resources for:

Forest Owners & Managers

You have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring your workforce operates safely and within Health and Safety legislation and regulations. Safetree™ has resources in your section to guide and better help you fulfill these obligations.

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Resources for:


You work closely with the Owners and Managers to plan operations to ensure your crew is working safely, and every person is doing each of their jobs the right way, the safe way.

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Resources for:


You run your crew’s daily planning. You assign tasks, identify hazards, report to, and liaise with, your Contractor to ensure that your crew are doing their jobs safely, every time.

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You are responsible for safety in your own job, plus the safety of your crew. Everyone has each others back and everyone is responsible for safety in the bush.

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