Safety alerts

These alerts are a way to learn from the experiences of others working in forestry. They are based on real incidents, including what happened, why it happened and the lessons to be learned.

‘Learning Review’ alerts

This incident alert was developed using the ‘learning review’ approach to incident investigations. This approach aims to uncover not just what happened in an incident, but how it happened– all the things that led to it occurring. Understanding why an incident occurred is important in preventing similar incidents in future.

Confusing and unfamiliar machinery set up – March 2017 Safety Review (PDF 662KB)

Watch an animation of the events leading up to this incident.


About the Learning Review approach

Traditional approaches to incident investigation focus on ‘what’ happened – which provides useful information. But they don’t always uncover the ‘how’– all the things that led to it occurring. This information is also very useful to prevent future occurrences.

FISC has, with the assistance of WorkSafe, commissioned research by SCION on how a ‘learning review’ approach could be applied to investigations of forestry incidents. The learning review approach was initially developed by the US Forest Service to better understand the ‘context’ surrounding an incident.

In addition to providing tips that will help forestry companies conduct better investigations, SCION is applying this new approach to investigations of real-life forestry incidents. These investigations will examine the context of each incident in order to help the industry better understand how to prevent similar incidents in future.

These learning review alerts will be published on the Safetree website.

Industry alerts and guidance

See alerts and guidance prepared by forestry companies.

Chain Shot: Model Safe Work Procedure – Hancock Forest Management, Dec 2015 (PDF 466KB)

Chain Shot Awareness and Management – Waratah (PDF 562KB)

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