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Introducing Safetree Contractor Certification

The Safetree Contractor Certification (“certification”) is an assessment of health and safety, employment standards and professionalism. These standards have been developed in partnership with industry contractors, management companies, forest owners and government. The standards reflect international good practice.

Review the standards here.

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Certification will be launched after final approval from FISC council in August 2017. To register your interest in the scheme and receive your invitation to start the process click here.

Have your say on the final standards

The initiative was developed by FISC with substantial input from the forestry industry and in consultation with WorkSafe. It has been piloted by small and large operators, and the content of the assessment has had two rounds of public consultation. This is the opportunity to provide feedback prior to Certification being formally launched. A summary of how we have used your feedback to date to improve the Certification standard is provided in Table 1.

Consultation will close 16 August 2017. Any feedback received after 16 August will be collated for programmed improvements and version releases.

IT’S IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE STANDARDS GUIDANCE FIRST. The audit questionnaire is a tool for Accredited Auditors to record their findings and must be taken in the context that the user of this tool has been trained and had their competency assessed to do so.

The Standards are designed on current safety thinking that focusses on resources that support workers understanding risk and responding to change.  This latest version overlays a detailed review of the Forestry Approved Code of Practice for minimum evidence requirements to meet recognised good practice.

Your feedback contributes to the Standards that will:

  • lead to improved health and safety and employment conditions for workers
  • an opportunity to provide more direct support for contractors through FISC’s auditor network
  • make things fairer; professional contractors more likely to be used across the industry
  • give forest owners efficiencies within their own pre-qualification and auditing programs
  • benchmarking and some assurance when engaging new contractors
  • demonstrate industry leadership and professionalism

Please do circulate within your organisation and encourage active engagement in this opportunity to shape our industry’s professionalism. Feedback should be sent to enquiries@fisc.org.nz

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Click here to register for the next Safetree Field Auditor Training Course on Tuesday 21st November 2017 in Wellington.

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