Become a certified contractor with the Safetree Contractor Certification scheme.

The Safetree Company Certification Scheme offers forestry a single certification scheme to assess safety and professionalism of contractors.

To become certified, contractors will complete a web-based assessment and a field audit.

To get certified, or to find out more, contact info@safetree.nz.

Why get certified?

Contractor certification is a way for contracting companies to demonstrate their professionalism to current and prospective clients. It provides a clear benchmark that health and safety systems can be designed to. It also levels the playing field by making sure everyone in the industry can be held to the same standards.

The scheme will give owners a formal assurance that the contracting companies they’re hiring are competent to do the job.

It will also lead to improved health and safety and employment conditions for workers.

What’s involved in becoming certified?

To become certified contractors need to complete a web-based assessment and a field audit.

Contractors get support to do the web assessment, to help them identify gaps and priorities for action so they can meet the benchmark for good compliance.

The field audit is done by an accredited Safetree Auditor of the contractor’s choice. It focuses on observations of the work environment and questioning of workers in the field. The Auditor will identify any improvements that should be made at the time of the audit.

The certification process

The certification process is as follows:

  1. The contract company registers with the scheme.
  2. The company completes a web-based assessment. Support and feedback is provided to assist company to meet the requirements.
  3. Company is audited in the field using an industry standardised field audit. Support and feedback is provided to assist the company to meet requirements.
  4. Company achieves industry certification.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria are based on industry good practice and were developed by the industry in conjunction with WorkSafe. They will focus on risk management, leadership and engagement, competency management and employment conditions.

Register of certified contractors

The details of certified contractors will be added to a searchable register on the www.safetree.nz website. This will make it easy for forestry owners and managers to engage contractors who’ve demonstrated their ability to meet health and safety standards.

There is an option to apply for an endorsement of documented systems. This is an optional section within the field audit. It requires a greater level of evidence of planning relating to policies and procedures. The evidence requirements for endorsement are based on existing standards for documentation required by larger forest owners and management companies.

What is the investment?

You will need to pay an annual subscription fee of $800 (ex GST) for the cost of the web assessment.

The field audit cost is variable depending on the Auditor you select and their travel expenses but are likely to be about $1000. The audit is required every two years.


Contact info@safetree.nz to begin the certification process or to find out more.

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