Worker certification

Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification

  • Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification is a great way to get official recognition from the industry that a workers’ skills are still up to date.
  • Certification confirms that tree fallers and breakers out have been independently assessed on the job as able to work safely and professionally.
  • That means they are doing what a WorkSafe inspector would expect to see, and know how to protect themselves and their crew mates.


How to get started

  • The first step to becoming a certified worker is to request a login here. You will then receive an email invite from Ecoportal, who run the register of certified workers.
  • Accept the invite and set up your password.
  • Then you will be able to receive certificates and see your assessments online anytime in the future.
  • This login is yours and will not change even if you move to another company

Help to get certified

Free tools are available to help tree fallers and breaker outs get ready to go for certification.

Safetree tree faller game

This online and mobile app game can be used to test whether a tree faller is ready to be assessed for certification. Click HERE to see the demo.

Get the game

Click HERE to register and to be sent a login code for the game. If you are a company, you can register your workers and have access to their results. Once you have the login code you can: Download from the App Store (iPad and iOS) (login code required) Download from the Play Store (Android) (login code required) Click HERE for the online version (login code required).

Other resources

These assessment tools can also be used to see if a worker is ready to go for certification.

Breaker Out Competency Assessment Tool [PDF 209KB]
Tree Feller Competency Assessment Tool [PDF 235KB]

Also see Best Practice Guides for breaking out and tree felling.

Find out more

Worker Certification factsheet [PDF 70KB]
Worker Certification Code of Conduct [PDF 60KB]

Find an assessor

Certified Assessors and their contact details [PDF 131KB]

Safetree Certification Panel

Safetree Worker Certification is governed by the FISC Council, according to Certification Rules developed by the FISC Council and Kensington Swan. Any issues or complaints should be raised with John Lowe, FISC Project Manager. John can be contacted on M: 021 164 8036 or E: Where relevant issues can be escalated to Simon O’Grady, FISC Chair, via An online form is also available to raise any matters.

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