Here you will find Safetree’s Health and Safety Performance Dashboard for forestry, and IRIS reports that collect incident information from some forestry companies.


See a snapshot of Health and Safety performance (PDF 869KB) in the industry.

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IRIS Incident Reporting

Download IRIS (Incident Recording Information System) reports.  The reports provides information about the type, frequency and severity of incidents, to help identify key contributing causes. If you want specific data or information from IRIS please email View safety alerts from forestry companies on the IRIS website.

2022 IRIS Q3 (PDF 265 KB);  2022 IRIS Q2 (PDF 340KB) 2022 IRIS Q1 (PDF 315 KB) 2021 IRIS Q4 (PDF 344KB) 2021 IRIS Q3 (PDF 343MB)  2021 IRIS Q2 (PDF 344KB) 2021 IRIS Q1 (PDF 2.75MB) 2020 IRIS Q4 (PDF 337KB) 2020 IRIS Q3 (337KB) 2020 IRIS Q2 (325KB)  2020 IRIS Q1 (317KB) 2019 IRIS Q4 (PDF 329) 2019 IRIS Q3 (PDF 328KB) 2019 IRIS Q2 (PDF 332KB) 2019 IRIS Q1 (PDF 407KB) 2018 IRIS Q4 (PDF 399KB) 2018 IRIS Q3 (PDF 537KB) 2018 IRIS Q2 (PDF 532KB) 2018 IRIS Q1 (PDF 333KB) 2017 IRIS Q4 (PDF 967KB) 2017 IRIS Q3 (PDF 543KB) 2017 IRIS Q2 (PDF 577KB) 2017 IRIS Q1 (PDF 1.1MB) 2016 IRIS Q4 (PDF 750KB) 2016 IRIS Q3 (PDF 982KB)

Information about forestry fatalities

To help the forestry industry learn and become safer, WorkSafe has agreed to share information about forestry fatalities. WorkSafe’s investigations into the incidents are continuing and they will inform us of any other key issues or trends as they come to light in the investigations. Read the WorkSafe notification of Forest Fatalities (PDF 236KB)

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