Safety alerts

These alerts are a way to learn from the experiences of others working in forestry. They are based on real incidents, including what happened, why it happened and the lessons to be learned.

Latest Alerts (2023)

PPE Drivers Aug 2023 (PDF 305kb); Manual Falling Apr 2023 (PDF 204kb); Windthrow Trees Feb 2023 (PDF 300kb), Windthrow Manual Falling 2019 (PDF 430kb), Dangers with Side by Side Middle Passenger Feb 2023 (PDF 432kb)

Alerts 2022

Maintaining Harvesting Equipment Nov 2022 (PDF 652kb), Unsafe tree driving practices on social media Nov 2022 (PDF 939kb),  Driving on forestry roads Dec 2021 (PDF 688kb); Ute-Log Truck Collision Feb 2022 (PDF 648kb);  Hauler Repairs Aug 2022 (PDF 150 kb);  Slips, Trips Aug 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF 205 kb); Double Check Road Signage Sept 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (pdf 104 KB); Load Security Sep 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF 102 kb); Trees Falling on Vehicles Aug 2022 SAFETREE ALERT (PDF 127 kb); Unexpected Machine Movement Jul 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF 365 kb); Machine Roll-over Emergency Exits Blocked Mar 2022 INDUSTRY STORY (PDF384kb);   Excavator Roll-over Mar 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF210kb);  Cutting Corners on Forestry Roads Mar 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF399kb);   Lone Workers Hidden Hazards Feb 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF122kb);  Loose Missing Wheelnuts Feb 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF184);  Changing Chain on Processor Head March 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF60kb);   Mechanic Fatality – Feb 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF 248 kb);  Gantry Operations – Feb 2022 INDUSTRY ALERT (PDF 207kb);  Machine maintenance fatality – Jan 2022 SAFETREE ALERT (PDF 363kb)

Older Alerts

Safetree Alerts

Safetree Guarding Alert – Dec 2021 (PDF 208kb)  Log Hauling cables create hazard for low flying aircraft – Aug 2019 (PDF)  Canadian Advice on Mechanical Harvesting – March 2018 (PDF 86KB) Breakers-Out injuries – Sept 2017 (PDF 252KB) Chain Shot: Model Safe Work Procedure – Hancock Forest Management, Dec 2015 (PDF 466KB) Chain Shot Awareness and Management – Waratah (PDF 562KB)

Industry alerts and guidance

PF Olsen – Need for Regular Trailer Inspections Nov 2021 (PDF 208kb) PF Olsen – Log Security, Sap Run Nov 2021 (PDF 176kb) Timberlands – Excavator Door Crushing Nov 2021 (PDF 225 kb) Timberlands – Stem Intrusion into Emergency Hatch Oct 2021 (PDF 871kb) PF Olsen – Log Transport Sept 2021 (PDF  172kb)  PF Olsen – Heavy Transport July 2021 (PDF 221kb) Handbrake Malfunction on Truck April 2021 – (PDF 874kb)  Extension Pins and Log Load Securing Requirements – (PDF 264kb) PF Olsen Toolbox Safety Alert 34 – Hauler Extraction/Breaking- out – September 2020 (PDF 235kb) UTV incident (PDF 955KB) Green Alert: Excavator Camera – (PDF 292KB) Log Intrusion – John Deere Forestry Forwarder – (PDF 1.7MB)    Dropped log at the port of Tauranga – (PDF 420KB)  Stem Entering Processor Cab (PDF 1.3MB) Felling Head Maintenance – Arm Trapped in Felling Head During Repair (PDF 260KB) Fuel Tank Operation – Fuel Tank Lid Causes Head Wound (PDF 182KB) Load out/Landing Book-Ends (PDF 1MB) Radio Protocols (PDF 202KB) Splinter Lodged in TTW Operators Arm (PDF 236KB) Ford Ranger Recall – Hancock Forest Management, May 2019 (PDF 158KB) View safety alerts from forestry companies on the IRIS website. Chain Shot: Model Safe Work Procedure – Hancock Forest Management, Dec 2015 (PDF 466KB) Chain Shot Awareness and Management – Waratah (PDF 562KB) PF Olsen Safety Alert 35 Operational Staff and Contractors Accidents around holidays (PDF 161KB)

WorkSafe alerts and guidance

WorkSafe assessment of haulers – Dec 2020 (PDF 58KB)  WorkSafe Engagement and enforcement strategy Provide facilities – May 2019 (PDF 197KB) Forestry death bulletin – May 2018 (PDF 1.3MB) Forestry machinery losing stability on slopes – April 2018 Log intrusion into machinery – April 2018 Tree felling near powerlines in forestry operations – April 2018

You can use Safetree’s Safety Alert template to create your own safety alerts.

Alert template (KB 252)

Learning Review’ alerts

FISC is developing alerts using the  ‘learning review’ approach to incident investigations. This approach aims to uncover not just what happened in an incident, but how it happened– all the things that led to it occurring. Understanding why an incident occurred is important in preventing similar incidents in future. Read more in our Guide to Doing a Learning Review (PDF 636KB) Alert – Machine Rollover 2017 (PDF 376KB)

Watch an animation of the events leading up to this incident on YouTube

Alert – Thinning to Waste 2015 (PDF 237KB) Breaker-out hit by chain – Mar 2018 (PDF 223KB) Confusing and unfamiliar machinery set up – March 2017 (PDF 662KB)

Watch an animation of the events leading up to this incident

Full Learning Review reports

Machine Rollover 2017 – Full report (PDF 576KB) Thinning to Waste 2015 – Full report (PDF 709KB)

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