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Access to discounted counselling, working in bad weather

August 1, 2022

Got a worker with a problem? Not sure what to do? This might help. Safetree has signed an industry level arrangement that gives forestry people access to professional counselling services at a discounted rate. Contractors, forestry owners...

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Certification update

July 15, 2022

The cost of certification is going down The cost of Safetree Certification is being lowered for Contractors. As Safetree Certification is not-for-profit, funding secured will subsidise the annual cost to Contractors. Funding subsidies are...

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Safetree Conference 2022 – wrap-up

June 21, 2022

Thanks to everyone who attended this conference in Queenstown. Themes of leadership and communication were key messages from our speakers, highlighted as essential skills to making significant changes in performance. Keynote speaker Nigel...

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Let’s talk about drugs in forestry

June 9, 2022

I heard a great story the other day about the way one contractor is helping to manage the risk of impairment from alcohol and other drugs at work. I was talking to a Safetree auditor about how Safetree is revising the industry’s alcohol and...

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Fiona’s final blog

May 27, 2022

After seven great years this is my last Safetree blog. What an experience it’s been overseeing Safetree/FISC’s growth from a recommendation in the 2014 Independent Forestry Safety Review to an established organisation with a focused work...

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