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7 Tips For Working In Hot Weather

January 25, 2018

It’s hot! In weather like this we need to watch out for heat stress. It can affect people’s concentration, and lead to mistakes and accidents. Below are 7 tips for managers and workers on how to beat the heat at work. Its worth reminding...

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Setting up for a good year – Safe-start meetings

January 12, 2018

We’ve heard good things about the safe-start meetings that took place earlier this week when crews went back to work. Among the messages that went out to crews and others in forestry where these: Comedian/mental health advocate Mike King...

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Growing Our Safety Culture – Safe Start 2018 resource

December 13, 2017

Looking for an excellent resource to use at your Safe Start 2018 meetings? Try these ones from Safetree’s Growing Our Safety Culture initiative. They’re designed to help people get to grips with what’s really going on with health and...

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Tell us what you think

December 11, 2017

You may have recently been invited to take part in a survey about health and safety in New Zealand workplaces. This research will tell us what you think needs to be done to improve forestry health and safety. It is being done by Nielsen, an...

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Better investigations; Engineering safety solutions

November 29, 2017

Better investigations - Guide to doing a Learning Review This guide will help you improve the way you review incidents. It describes a new approach to investigations called Learning Reviews, which was developed by the US Forest Service and is...

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Set the day up right with a good tailgate meeting

October 9, 2017

Daily pre-start tailgate meetings are a great way to set the crew up for a safe, productive day. Done right, these meetings before work starts are the best way to make sure everyone knows the plan for the day. They’re a great way to make...

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Safety alert on back injuries; Latest dashboard

September 19, 2017

Read our latest Safety Alert which highlights the importance of having a well-practised emergency plan in place if someone gets hurt. Safety alert – back/leg injuries to breaker-outs In the last three week’s there’s been a run of serious...

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Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety – Monday 28 August

September 19, 2017

Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety – Monday 28 August. We’re encouraging everyone in forestry to hold Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety meetings before work starts on Monday, and this email includes a resource to help with those meetings. The...

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