SafeStart 2023 resource

One thing we know in forestry is that the 2 weeks after the holidays end are a high risk period for accidents. That’s why we need to start the year safely.

We can learn from how sportspeople approach getting ‘match-fit’ again at the start of the season. They always have a plan, do good preparation and stretch.

In forestry having a good plan means everyone knows the task – what they need to do and how that could affect other people.

Good preparation includes getting back into good sleep patterns and making sure you have healthy food and enough water to work in the hot summer months. It means making sure maintenance is up to date and all the equipment is tuned up. And it means checking that everyone has the right PPE.

Stetching means easing back into work so people have time to get back up to speed without feeling rushed by production pressures.

Doing these things will help make sure 2023 starts off well.

With that in mind, Safetree has put together a short video on getting match-fit to get back to work. Please share it with your teams and crews, and play it at Safe Start meetings or tailgates.

Thanks for supporting Safetree in 2022. Have a good holiday season and I look forward to working with you again in 2023.

Joe Akari, CEO Safetree/FISC

Watch or download the video

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