Benefits ‘evergreen’ contracts, preventing falls, meet Safetree’s new CEO

Meet Joe Akari, new CEO of Safetree/FISC

Joe’s blog

Coming back to work in the forestry industry after more than twenty years I’ve been struck by just how much has changed – particularly the shift to mechanised harvesting. I’ve also been struck by what’s stayed the same – which is the diversity and quality of the people who work in this industry.

Over the next couple of months, I’m keen to talk to as many people working in the industry as possible to better understand the challenges you face, and also the opportunities you see for Safetree/FISC to work with the industry in the most effective ways.

I am looking forward to working with, and getting to know, the Toroawhi team and to seeing for myself how they engage with crews and build important relationships. They have their “finger on the pulse” and give us important insights as to the rhythms of the industry – what’s good and what could be better.

I also see the important ACOP review on the horizon. I believe FISC can assist the industry’s efforts to deliver the new guidance that forestry deserves to further enhance the professional standards we are all striving for.

I will be contacting forestry owners, managers, contractors, and their workers and am keen to visit or talk with you. In the meantime, if you want to get in touch with me, my email is and my mobile is 0210 888 9240.

Joe Akari, CEO FISC/Safetree         

Featured Safetree Certified Contractor: Gamble Forest Harvesting & its longterm contract with City Forests

In what must be one of the longest partnerships in forestry, Safetree Certified Contractor Gamble Forest Harvesting celebrated 50 years working for City Forests in 2021.

Safetree Toroawhi Richard Stringfellow talked to the companies about their long working relationship, particularly the benefits of their ‘evergreen’ contract – which has no fixed termination date but keeps rolling over.

Tony Gamble says the long-term contract has given him the ability and the confidence to invest in his equipment and his people, making him a more successful contractor.

City Forests CEO Grant Dodson says the benefits to his company have come from better health and safety, and improved productivity.

Watch the video to see more

Safety Alert Avoiding slips and falls

It’s spring, and after a long, wet winter, the ground is very slippery, increasing the risk of slips, trips, and falls. Here are some techniques from PF Olsen for walking in steep terrain that will help prevent these types of injuries.

  • Think about where your weight is distributed. Lean into the inside edge of a track to minimise the chance of toppling over
  • Look for overgrown tracks where the edges are hidden and avoid standing in muddy, sloppy animal tracks which are generally soft and slippery
  • Check for traction on boots. Vibram rubber soles are renowned for good grip in slippery conditions but worn spikes are not (so replace these ASAP)
  • Use your spade as a hill stick for support and to check potential footing safety.

Thanks to PF Olsen for sharing this Safety Alert.

Download the full alert and discuss with crews/teams.

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