Access to discounted counselling, working in bad weather

Got a worker with a problem? Not sure what to do? This might help. Safetree has signed an industry level arrangement that gives forestry people access to professional counselling services at a discounted rate. Contractors, forestry owners and managers, and other forestry-related businesses can refer workers (or themselves) to the counselling services and access the discounted rate by mentioning Safetree’s name. The services are provided by Vitae, who have a team of trained counsellors available over the phone.

With a brutal winter, log price issues and something of a wellbeing crisis across the country it’s more important than ever to be looking out for mates at work, friends and family (and yourself). If a worker is struggling with problems or is mentally unwell it can have a big impact on team culture, productivity, and safety. But it can be hard for employers or workmates to know what to do to help. So, it can be helpful to have a counselling service, like the one offered by Vitae, to refer them to. The counsellors can also talk to you about how best to help someone having a tough time and the pathways available for help.

See more more information on Safetree’s arrangement with Vitae.

Download a flyer you can print and share that has info on where to get help.

Also, check out some positive forestry stories to share with your people:

•            Wade Brunt, Toroawhi Tairawhiti, talks about his journey to better mental wellbeing.

•            How Pride Forestry looks after its workers, including dealing with the aftermath of a suicide in the crew.

John Lowe

(Acting) National Safety Director


Working in bad weather

Given the wild weather across the country in recent weeks, now would be a good time to remind people about working safely in bad weather. This includes advice in Safetree’s Tailgate Card on Working in Bad Weather about when to stop work and/or find other tasks to do. People should stop work if:

•            The wind is blowing things off the trees or around

•            Wind and very wet soil make trees unstable

•            There’s heavy rain and/or you don’t have the right clothes.

Download, print and circulate the Working in Bad Weather Tailgate meeting card.

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