Certification update

The cost of certification is going down

The cost of Safetree Certification is being lowered for Contractors. As Safetree Certification is not-for-profit, funding secured will subsidise the annual cost to Contractors. Funding subsidies are made up of $250,000 from the Forest Growers Levy Trust to support Safetree Certification in 2022, and an additional $150,000 from ACC to cover the transition costs to the EcoPortal platform. Certified contractors will recieve your annual invoice directly from FISC in August/September (previously this was paid directly to the former IT provider).

Promoting the certified contractor register

A campaign advertising the Safetree Certification Public Register is in the pipeline, to ensure all new harvesting and silviculture work is performed by Safetree Certified Contractors. Promoted through the NZ Farm Forestry Association, NZ Forest Owners Association and direct to Forest Managers, the goal is to ensure the Safetree Certification register is the primary source of harvesting and silviculture contractors in New Zealand.

  • Not there? Please email or call us on 0800 7233 123 so we can get you onboard.
  • Yes we’re there? Great – there’s nothing else you need to do!

New helpdesk for certification queries

We have a new Help Desk! If you have any problems logging into Safetree Certification or questions talk to our new Helpdesk for one-on-one help. PHONE 0800 SAFE 123 (0800 7233 123) or EMAIL certification@safetree.nz

Cross-recognition for certified contractors on construction register

Tōtika provides a common pre-qualification standard and streamlined pre-qualification process, run by the construction health and safety association (CHASNZ). Cross-recognition is available for Safetree Certified Contractors. Listing with Tōtika will automatically prequalify you with a number of major clients – the current list is here and new ones are added every week. Any Safetree Certified Contractor can get listed on the Tōtika register.

1.           Go to www.totika.org

2.           Click sign up (top right of screen) and enter your login details

3.           Fully complete your profile information (left hand side of the portal page)

4.           Upload your evidence of Safetree Certification (bottom right of the portal page) or email it to info@totika.org

All current Tōtika recognised external certification or assessment schemes are listed in the ‘Tōtika Scheme Rules Document’ which can be found on the Tōtika Resources Page.

Acknowledging the work of Lee Perry

Lee Perry is stepping back from forestry after 7 years of passionate advocacy for improved forest safety. As Certification Manager, Lee worked tirelessly to grow Safetree Certification and we are glad for his mahi. He is not disappearing completely and you will be able to find him fishing on Lake Taupo, or forging knives in his workshop.

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