Certification Update March 2022

New and Improved Dashboard Reporting

As of 17 January 2022, the Safetree Certification system has moved from BraveGen to EcoPortal. With EcoPortal, Certified Contractors can see all of their audit information! Plus, they can share it with Forest Managers or others.

There are 2 things Certified Contractors need to do:

1.    Complete your EcoPortal registration

2.    Complete your Desktop Audit

Registering with EcoPortal

Make sure to follow these easy instructions to complete your registration with EcoPortal:Look in your inbox for a registration email from EcoPortal > if you can’t see it, check your SPAM folder. Click on the email to register and follow the prompts.

Once registered, you’ll need to complete your “Desktop Audit”. We need this information for field audits to be allocated to auditors. Make sure you have copies of your insurance certificates to upload

What’s Next?

Already certified? Great! There’s nothing else you need to do until you’re due for your next field audit (every two years)

Not yet certified? You’ll need to complete a “Field Audit Request”. This will automatically be sent to Safetree and we’ll allocate your audit in a package of work to one of the approved auditors

Need Help?

Contact Lee Perry

Phone: 027 246 6161

Email: certification@safetree.nz

Safetree Worker Certification

The new certification system includes provision for worker certification to finally be a live system for the sector.

Workers will have access to their records and can associate their certificate with a contractors certification.

A forest management company representative can also be registered, if the contractor and worker agree their dashboard information can be shared with the forest management representative.

New Look Invoicing

Certification invoices will now be coming from Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC), who own and operate Safetree. More information on how this invoicing will work will be sent to contractors soon.

Feedback / Questions?

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Fiona Ewing, National Safety Director of the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC), which runs Safetree Certification.

Email: fiona.ewing@fisc.org.nz

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