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Looking after your health and wellbeing is about to get easier thanks to new features in the forestry version of the KYND Wellness App.

From this week people using the App will get notifications straight to their phones reminding them about ‘red and orange’ flags with their health.

They will have access to information and practical steps they can take to improve their health, so these flags turn back to green. 

The upgraded version of the App also lets you allow your health professionals to enter information into the App – making it even easier to keep track of your health.

Safetree has been supporting the use of the KYND Wellbeing App in forestry because we believe a healthy worker is a safe worker.

The App helps empower people to look after their own health, because it lets your store your health information on your phone where it can be easily accessed.

The new notification feature means you will get reminders about any health issues so you can keep working on them.  

The App focuses on the most common health issues in forestry – diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking, being an unhealthy weight and depression.

It uses a simple red, orange, green flag system to help people understand how they’re doing, and what areas of their health they need to focus on.

It also includes easy to understand information on how to improve your health.

FISC, with support from the Forest Growers Levy Trust (FGLT), has provided funding so the App can be used by forestry people by entering this code, N8FISC.

There’s a special code for Safetree Certified Contractors, which will be emailed them.

If you don’t have the KYND App yet you can download it from the Apple Store or Google Play.

If you already have the App it should have updated automatically for you, giving you access to all the new features. (If you can’t see the new changes you may have your app updates set to manual. In this case, simply ‘update’ your KYND App in the Apple Store or Google Play and you’ll be ready to go.)

The information you put into the KYND App is confidential, none of your employers can see it.

Thanks to the FGLT for supporting the use of the KYND App in forestry, including the recent upgrades.

Download the App from the Apple Store or Google Play

See videos about the App and people who have used it.

See information on looking after your health

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