Stay home, stay well, stay sane! social media campaign

Safetree, FISC and FICA want to support you while our country goes on its ‘stay home’ journey. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting interesting and entertaining videos and other resources on social media.

These aim to help you and your family look after your physical, mental and social wellbeing during the lockdown. They focus on ways to keep a healthy mind, healthy feelings, healthy relationships and a healthy body.

The posts will include short videos featuring actor, singer and comedian Pio Terei. Our Toroawhi, Wade Brunt and Richard Stringfellow, will be posting ideas on how to stay fit and feel better.

Former emergency doctor Dr Tom Mulholland and his KYND group will also give tips on how to improve your health during the lockdown. This includes some great new cards that summarise key health and wellbeing information, and are part of Safetree’s tailgate packs.

As part of this campaign, people working in forestry can also access the KYND health and wellbeing app for free. Download the app and use the code N8FISC to sign up for free.

We’ve also produced a Wellbeing Safety Behaviour Observation card. Use it to think about what is going to make the next few weeks hard for you and what will help make it easier. Then come up with a list of what you are going to stop, what you will start and what you will continue to do. Get the family involved in doing this too.

Hopefully these posts and resources will help brighten your day, give you good ideas and help you survive the lockdown.

Stay home, stay well, stay sane!

See the Wellbeing Safety Behaviour Observation resource

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