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Fiona’s blog: Connecting with each other and working together are essential if we are going to build safe, healthy and successful forestry businesses.

Working together enables us to learn from, and to support, each other. There are some great innovations happening in forestry right now. I often hear stories of how people from different parts of the industry are working together to come up with innovations that benefit them all.

Many of the health and safety challenges in forestry are shared ones – they affect workers, contractors, forest managers and owners, and transport businesses.

That means they can only be fixed if people right across the industry work together on solutions. Working together boosts our ability to make that change and improve.

It is this thinking that is behind the theme of next year’s Safetree Conference, which is Connect for Success. The conference is in Wellington on 26 and 27 March 2020. See more below.

The need to work together is also behind our ‘Toroawhi’ pilot, which will see health and safety champions working with crews and others to help increase the involvement of workers in health and safety decisions.

We’re recruiting our champions now, so if you know someone who might fit this role, pass on the information below to them.

Safetree Conference: Connect for Success

26 & 27 March 2020, Wellington

Successful work is about more than just best safety practices. It’s also influenced by the health and wellbeing of workers, the work environment, and how well we manage external pressures to achieve productivity.

This conference will address those issues and will offer tangible ideas on how they can be managed.
The speakers will appeal to a broad range of people, from CEOs to frontline workers, and other industry participants.

They include medical doctor and former New Zealander of the Year Dr Lance O’Sullivan, who will talk about how smarter healthcare can help create a safer work environment in the bush.

There will also be workshops on lifting capability, so attendees will come away with some new tools and skills to use.

·       Click to register on the FICA website 

Work as a Safetree health and safety champion

We are looking for two people to come and work for us as champions for getting forestry workers more involved in health and safety.

We’re calling these people ‘Toroawhi’, which means ‘collectively we create the momentum for change’. 

They will work with crews and others in forestry to help get workers more involved in health and safety decision-making. We know that when workers are involved like this, health, safety and business performance all improve.

This is a full-time role, fixed-term for one year. It would suit someone with experience in forestry. 

If this role sounds like you, then get in touch with us by 13 November. Or if it sounds like someone you know, forward this email to them and suggest they get in touch.

For more information see the:

·       Job ad 

·       Job description 

Getting sun-smart for summer

With summer nearly here, now is a good time to be reminding people in your crew or business about the importance of being sun-smart.

More people die of skin cancer each year than are killed on our roads. So it’s important that people who work and play outside cover-up in the sun and get their skin checked regularly.

Below are links to resources from Wellplace that can be used to help remind people how they can look after themselves and their families.

These include a video about Jim, an outdoor worker who got skin cancer, and a poster to help people identify skin cancer early.

·       What to look for

·       Other Wellplace resources 

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