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I’m pleased to announce that Safetree and the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) are running three free workshops as part of the Forest Industry Safety and Technology conference.

Our workshops will focus on how forestry businesses can improve the wellbeing of their people and the culture of their workplaces.

The first workshop is with emergency doctor and wellbeing campaigner Dr Tom Mulholland. This workshop is suitable for everyone working in forestry – from crews to office workers to managers.

The Growing our Safety Culture and Learning Review workshops are for H&S reps, crew foremen, team leaders, managers and business owners. These workshops will focus on how to create a workplace culture that supports excellent health and safety, and how to learn more from incidents.

We have a great line-up of speakers so I would encourage everyone attending the conference, or working in the central North Island, to come along and take part. These workshops are a great way to look after yourself and your people. See more details below.

Fiona Ewing

National Safety Director, FISC

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Workshop 1: Dr Tom on a Mission

8.30am – 10am, 9 August 2018

Find out how to look after your own health, and the health of your teams.

Dr Tom Mulholland is an emergency department doctor who’s hosted TV and radio shows. At this workshop he’ll talk about things people can do to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing.

Being fit and well for work is important in forestry because it helps people manage risks better. Dr Tom will talk about common ‘health villains’ like diabetes, smoking and cancer. He’ll also talk about healthier ways of thinking that help people solve problems and deal with ‘bad days’.

See more about Dr Tom and his forestry roadshow


Workshop 2: Growing Our Safety Culture

10.30am – 12pm, 9 August 2018

Learn how developing the culture of your team can make your workplace safer.

Psychologist Dr Hillary Bennett, from Leading Safety, will talk about Safetree’s Growing Our Safety Culture programme, and the benefits it has brought to forestry companies that have used it.

The programme was created specifically for forestry businesses. It helps them find out what’s really going on with health and safety in their teams. It also helps them harness the expertise within their teams to identify what needs to improve and how to make those improvements happen.

See more about the Growing our Safety Culture programme, including helpful resources used in the programme


Workshop 3: Learning Reviews

10.30am – 12pm, 9 August 2018

Find out how this new approach to incident investigations can help prevent incidents in future.

Human factors scientist Brionny Hooper, from Scion, will explain the Learning Review approach, which was first developed by the US Forest Service.

Learning Reviews differ from traditional investigations because their purpose is to learn and improve, rather than to find out who was at fault. They focus on the whole ‘system’ (the way work is done in forestry) and are designed to uncover things that might not be revealed by a traditional investigation.

See more about Learning Reviews

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