Setting up for a good year – Safe-start meetings

We’ve heard good things about the safe-start meetings that took place earlier this week when crews went back to work.

Among the messages that went out to crews and others in forestry where these:

Comedian/mental health advocate Mike King at the Taranaki Safe Start breakfast

If you’re struggling with problems or even depression, Mike says to remember there is always hope and someone out there cares about you. Talk to someone about what’s going on. See the link below for Mike’s tips on how to help a workmate you think might be depressed.

WorkSafe boss Nicole Rosie’s personal message to forestry

In a video message sent to forestry companies, Nicole reminded us that our industry is important to New Zealand and we are important to our families/whānau/friends.  For our industry/businesses to succeed we need to take care of ourselves, and those who work with us and for us.

Safetree’s Building our Safety Culture resources, sent out to the industry before Xmas

This resource reminds us that good communication is key to creating a team culture that supports safety. It has questions we can use to rate our communication. Try them with your team.

How well do we communicate in our team?

In our team/crew we … (Pick the word that best describes your crew)

  • Allocate enough time to discuss health and safety matters: (Seldom, Sometimes, Always)
  • Have the information we need to stay safe and well:  (Seldom, Sometimes, Always)
  • Discuss health and safety issues openly:  (Seldom, Sometimes, Always)
  • Raise health and safety concerns: (Seldom, Sometimes, Always)

Facebook message from Safetree/FISC’s Fiona Ewing
In a Facebook message posted before Xmas and viewed nearly 5000 times, Fiona remembers the forestry workers who died in 2017. She also reminds us of the importance of recognising good, safe work – so we can learn from it.

If you ran or attended a good safe-start event and have resources you want to share through Safetree get in touch with us at

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