Better investigations; Engineering safety solutions

Better investigations – Guide to doing a Learning Review

This guide will help you improve the way you review incidents. It describes a new approach to investigations called Learning Reviews, which was developed by the US Forest Service and is being trialled here in a project involving FISC, WorkSafe and Scion.

Learning Reviews differ from traditional investigations. They recognise that we can’t escape human error –  even the most competent operator makes mistakes. They also recognise that errors are a product of the system – the way the work is done – rather than just workers making mistakes.

Learning Reviews uncover how the system might have contributed to errors, and how the system can be improved to reduce the impact of those errors. Read and download the guide here. Then share it with your teams and at your next safety meeting talk about how you could use a Learning Review approach to improve your investigations.

Engineering safety solutions

Check out this mini-case study from Rayonier/Matariki Forests on how one of its contractors, Ocean View Logging, improved health and safety by using engineering solutions to reduce the need to work at height on a Madill 124 using yarder.

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