Set the day up right with a good tailgate meeting

Daily pre-start tailgate meetings are a great way to set the crew up for a safe, productive day.

Done right, these meetings before work starts are the best way to make sure everyone knows the plan for the day.

They’re a great way to make sure there are enough skilled people to do the work, and that everyone knows:

  • What tasks will be done that day
  • The expected risks and the controls that are in place to manage them
  • What comms will be used
  • What happened yesterday, what has to be done differently today, and what do we have to plan for tomorrow.

Tailgate meetings are also the time to reinforce safe retreat positions and the 2-tree length rule.

Good communications onsite are essential to keep people safe. This has been highlighted in investigations into forestry deaths.

For that reason, everyone onsite needs to attend the tailgate meeting.

For help to run a great tailgate meeting watch this video.

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