Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety – Monday 28 August

Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety – Monday 28 August.

We’re encouraging everyone in forestry to hold Stand-up, Speak-up for Safety meetings before work starts on Monday, and this email includes a resource to help with those meetings.

The meetings are in response to recent fatalities – which take the number of deaths in our industry to five this year.

The resource includes suggestions of things people can talk about at these meetings. That includes how are critical risks being managed, how are people coping with the wet winter weather, and what can we learn from the days when everything goes well on the site.

We’ve also attached the factual information WorkSafe has made available so far about these fatalities.

Print out the information and share it with people at the meeting. Or just read it out to people, then ask them to discuss the questions.

Everyone has a role to play in safety. So we want everyone to get involved in these meetings– forest owners, managers, contractors and crews. Everyone from managers to workers.

Please give us your feedback via on how the meetings went, whether they were helpful and how useful the resource was. Also get in touch if you’ve got suggestions on other things we should be doing.

Or visit to see our other health and safety resources.

Resources to download

Resource for your Stand-up, Speak-up meeting (PDF 46KB)

Worksafe Information about forestry fatalities – 25 August 2017 (PDF 46KB)

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