Stand up and speak up – Forest owners and forest management businesses

Forest owners and managers are being asked to hold Stand-up and Speak-up for Safety meetings on Monday 28th August.

These meetings are in response to the latest forestry fatalities.

You’re being asked to talk about safety with staff, forest managers, contractors and crews.

What else can be done to stop forestry workers being killed or seriously injured?

Tomorrow Safetree will send out resources people can use at these meetings.

What we want you to do

We are asking everyone in forestry – forest owners, managers, contractors and crews – to talk with each other about safety, and to listen to any concerns or suggestions people might have.

These meetings should involve everyone – from top management to workers.

Why now?

In the last week two young men have died in our forests – taking the death toll to five this year.

There is no job in forestry that’s worth one life – let alone five.

Why you?

Forest owners and managers have a huge influence over safety on-site through the expectations they set and the contractual arrangements they put in place.

Leaders of forest owning businesses are uniquely placed to focus attention where it’s needed and ‘make things happen’.

That’s why they have due diligence duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and responsibilities as PCBUs.

What next

Tomorrow we will send out resources to help you reflect on your role in safety, and to help you talk about safety with staff, forest managers, contractors and crews.

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