See the new Safetree Professional Head Breaker Out Competency Tool

See the new Safetree Professional Head Breaker Out Competency Tool

We’ve updated this Head Breaker Out Competency Tool to reflect current standards and good practice. It’s designed for head breaker outs who are already trained, and is a way to confirm their skills are up-to-date.

The tool can also be used by head breaker outs practising to go for Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification. When they’re ready to be assessed for certification this needs to be done by a registered assessor. View a list of registered assessors [41KB PDF]

Answers to the questions asked in the assessments can be found in the ACoP and in relevant best practice guides.

Ideas for improving investigations – Learning Teams

WorkSafe has published tips from Contact Energy on using Learning Teams to review safety incidents. Contact says learning teams are useful because they are simpler and faster than traditional safety investigations. They produce better outcomes because they don’t focus on blame and involve the people who actually do the work. Read more of Contact Energy’s tips on the WorkSafe website.

Learning to fail safely

In dynamic work environment mistakes are inevitable. So instead of focusing all our efforts on trying to prevent all accidents, we’d be better off focusing on making sure that when something goes wrong people aren’t killed or seriously injured. That’s the message in this video/power-point resource just released by the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum. The resource is designed so leaders can watch it with their teams, and have a conversation about how they can prevent people getting hurt when something goes wrong. View the resource on the Forum website.

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