Safety alert on back injuries; Latest dashboard

Read our latest Safety Alert which highlights the importance of having a well-practised emergency plan in place if someone gets hurt.

Safety alert – back/leg injuries to breaker-outs

In the last three week’s there’s been a run of serious leg and back injuries to breaker-outs when stems, stumps or ropes have fallen on them.

For contractors and crews, these injuries highlight the importance of good planning and communication. At the tailgate meeting make sure everyone knows the plan and what’s changed.

For forest owners and managers, these injuries highlight the need to ensure production pressures and adverse conditions aren’t compromising safety.

They’re also a reminder that you need a well-practised emergency plan if someone gets hurt.

Print out this safety alert then post it around your workplace or sites and discuss it at safety and production meetings.

How are we tracking?

The latest Safetree How are we tracking? dashboard shows that at the end of June, 112 workers had completed Safetree Professional Forest Worker Certification and 4763 people were registered to get Safetree safety information.

There was a slight dip in severe injuries in the three months ended December 2016. But overall, severe injuries were up 10% over the whole 2016 year.

The severe injury data in the dashboard is based on ACC claims where someone receives a period of weekly compensation within a quarter. For that reason the severe injury data lags other information in the dashboard by 6 months due to the time it takes to process claims.

View the Dashboard on our Statistics page

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