Tips for safe winter driving

Winter’s approaching – and that can make driving even more hazardous. So, check out these top tips on keeping safe on the roads…

Driving to the conditions

AA has some useful tips on smart driving. These include:

  • Before winter check your tire pressure, that your lights are working properly and your windscreen wipers aren’t smearing.
  • Use your headlights during the day when it’s overcast and keep your windscreen clean inside and out.
  • Watch out for sun-strike in the mornings and afternoons, and put your visor down before the glare hits your windscreen.
  • Remember even if your visibility is fine, other people facing into the sun might be struggling to see you.

Read more Smart Driving Tips on AA’s website

Driver fatigue

The image above is from a great infographic on fatigue and how to reduce it.

It makes a great poster you can print out to discuss at safety meetings, or post around worksites.

The only cure for fatigue is sleep, and one of NZTA’s tips is for tired workers to take a 15-minute nap before they drive. So print out this Sleep Before You Drive poster, and display it around the worksite too.

You could also encourage people to try NZTA’s driver fatigue calculator to assess their risk of fatigue.

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