Who is Safetree, and why we’re all about zero

Whether you’re just new to our Safetree newsletters, or been receiving them for a while, you may be confused as to just what Safetree is and exactly who stands behind it. Or why you should care.

If you’re involved in the forest industry in some way, then Safetree is all about you. It’s part of the Forest Industry Safety Council – or FISC to its friends. We’re focused on leading efforts to improve health and safety in forestry and have a big interest in the number zero – zero fatalities and serious harm that is, which is FISC’s vision.

We’re working towards that by promoting good practice and helping to build the capability of people and businesses. Born out of the 2014 Independent Forestry Safety Review, which guides our workplan, we receive our funding from the forest industry and the government.

There are lots of different groups represented as part of FISC – including forest owners, managers, contractors, farm foresters, ACC, WorkSafe, unions and crucially, the workers. Part of FISC’s work is spotting the positive health and safety work being done out there, and sharing it more broadly across the industry so we can all benefit. The Safetree website is loaded with useful health and safety information and resources for people involved in all aspects of the industry, so make sure you see what’s there for you.

Key focuses for us currently include certification for individuals involved in high risk tasks and for contractor companies; improving the safety culture; and implementing Incident Learning Reviews – which take a new approach to incident investigations.

If you’re part of the forest industry, we would love to hear from you about what would make your work safer and how we can help. If you’ve got a great initiative worth sharing, or just want to be involved in what we do, we’d love to hear from you too.

You can contact us with your feedback through the website (see the Get in touch link at the bottom of the homepage) or by emailing enquiries@fisc.org.nz.
Stay tuned to our newsletters and let’s all work together towards zero.

Fiona Ewing
FISC National Safety Director


Download this page as a flyer (PDF 270KB)


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