How are we tracking?

Safetree’s How Are We Tracking? dashboard provides a snapshot of forestry’s health and safety performance.

Summary of results

The latest dashboard shows an increase in harm-prevention activities undertaken by the Forest Industry Safety Council in the three months to March 2017. There was a rise in both the number of people awarded Safetree competency certificates and the number receiving Safetree health and safety information.

However, there was a also a slight rise in severe injuries in the three months to September 2016.

Changes to reporting

You’ll see some changes in the way the dashboard is presented, compared with previous dashboards. The severe injuries data now lags behind other data in the dashboard by six months. That’s because severe injuries are based on ACC claims where someone receives a period of weekly compensation in a quarter, and it can take six months for these claims to be fully processed.


Safetree dashboard June 2017 (PDF 1.2MB)












You’re encouraged to share and talk about these reports with your colleagues, crews, contractors and clients.

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  1. Dean Anderson says:

    Can you tell me or find out what is the yearly / monthly / fortnightly / weekly income for the Canadian loggers please ?

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