Leaders hear benefits of focusing on critical risks

Focusing on critical risks and ‘golden rules’ can simplify health and safety and make it much more effective.

That was the message given to forestry leaders by Robert Jones, CEO of construction company Fulton Hogan, at a recent FISC event. A few years ago Fulton Hogan was rocked to its core when – after years of injury rates going down – the company suffered a spate of fatalities. So it went back to the drawing board and overhauled its approach to health and safety.

It identified 5 critical risks in its business that can kill or seriously harm people. It then re-organised its health and safety activities to focus much more attention on managing those risks. That included coming up with 7 easy-to-understand but very effective ‘golden rules’ to protect people.

Fulton Hogan’s critical risks and golden rules


Construction’s not forestry. But both industries face similar challenges so there’s much forestry leaders can learn from Fulton Hogan’s experience.

To learn more watch this video or read the case study. (On the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum website).


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